Aim & Scope

Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence Journal 

Aim & Scope

Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence (SCMI) Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal promoting an integrated advanced research article in all areas of soft Computing and machine intelligence Sciences. The SCMI journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, professionals, and academicians worldwide to combine and share new developments and applications in different areas of soft computing and machine intelligence. The journal covers different engineering science branches, including mechanics, computer science, electronics, energy, systems analysis, alternative technologies, etc. This journal section seeks original research contributions with a focus on applications belonging but not limited to the following areas:


Soft Computing 

Fuzzy logic, fuzzy set theory, and many-valued logic
Sub-structural logic
Algebra and algebraic logic
Computational paradigms and computational complexity
Description logic, temporal logic, dynamic logic, and modal logic
Domain theory and type theory
Probability logic, belief functions, etc.

Machine Learning

Natural language processing
Vision and speech perception
Data mining, Web mining
Supervised and unsupervised learning methods
Reinforcement learning, etc.


Software Engineering 

Software maintenance and evolution
Software engineering methodologies
Software engineering tools and environments 
Software engineering decision support
Software design patterns
Artificial intelligence approaches to software engineering
Software Engineering Techniques and Production Perspectives
Requirements engineering
Software analysis, design ad modelling
Software product lines, etc.

Energy Systems

Forecasting of PV power generation
Supply and demand patterns variations
Management analysis of energy sector
Electricity market price prediction using advanced deep learning
Ensemble forecasting models
Reinforcement learning and predictive control for smart energy systems 
Data mining applications in understanding electricity consumers
Optimization of renewable energy using machine learning
Forecasting model for wind speed and solar radiations
AI to overwhelm future energy problems
Fluctuations in electricity prices and control energy usage
Predictive models for smart grids
Hybrid and combined models, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT & IoE & Edge Computing
Cloud Resources Utilization in IoT
Wireless Access Technologies for IoT
Mobile Applications and Services for IoT
Machine/ Deep Learning with IoT & IoEDistributed Mobile Applications Utilizing IoT 
Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT & IoE
Standards for IoT Applications
Application of WSN in IoT 
Smart Sensors and Internet of Things for Smart City, etc.


Blockchain-enabled IoT Device and Data Security and Privacy
Security issues and testing in blockchains
Blockchain-oriented software engineering blockchain technologies
Blockchain systems for digital IDs, My Data and general data protection regulation
Blockchain–IoT-enabled sensor networks for smart grids
Smart contracts, Dapps, scaling, and multilayer solutions
Decentralized Artificial Intelligence and new Proof-of-X solution
Smart contacts in the blockchain–IoT ecosystem for smart grids, etc.
SCMI Journal

Soft Computing and
Machine Intelligence Journal 

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